Tularemia (Rabbit Fever)
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Tularemia (Rabbit Fever)
Tularemia is a bacterial infection that is transmitted through a cut or graze via direct contact with infected wild animals.

Cause of Tularemia
The disease is caused by a bacteria known as Francisella tularensis and can be transmitted in several ways:

Symptoms of Tularemia
The symptoms often start within a few days of exposure and can last for a couple of weeks even with treatment. If you suspect tularemia then seek medical attention. Symptoms will depend on the point of entry and often include:

The infection can cause complications such as meningitis, pneumonia and bone infections.

Prevention Of Tularemia
There are several ways to help prevent infection with the tularemia bacteria:

Diagnosing Tularemia
Blood tests are often used to confirm the presence of the disease.

Treatment of Tularemia
Treatment involves the use of antibiotics, which in most cases is successful.

Most At Risk
People most at risk are those who have to handle wild animals or are in outdoor environments where contact with the bacteria may take place.

Affected Areas
The disease affects areas such as Asia, North America and parts of Europe.