Ross River Virus
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Ross River Virus
Ross River Virus is a tropical disease that is transmitted by mosquitoes and can cause temporary yet debilitating symptoms.

Cause of Ross River Virus
The disease is caused by a virus which is found in animals and is transmitted to humans via the bite of a mosquito.

Symptoms of Ross River Virus
Symptoms vary from very mild to more acute and usually last from between four to eight weeks, if you suspect Ross River Virus then seek medical attention. Symptoms can include:

Diagnosing Ross River Virus
Diagnosis is achieved through blood testing.

Treatment of Ross River Virus
Treatment often includes rest in the initial stages of the virus then as the virus passes gentle exercise will help ease off any muscle stiffness that might occur. Pain killers are often pain relief is often given and recovery is usually complete after 2 months with no further affects of the virus showing.

Preventing Ross River Virus
The best prevention is to avoid being bitten by infected mosquitoes in affected areas:

Most At Risk
Everyone in endemic areas is potentially at risk from the virus.

Affected Areas
Australia, Papua New Guinea and Pacific Islands.