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Pneumonia is when inflammation of the lungs occurs often due to a infection or illness.

Cause of Pneumonia
Pneumonia can be caused by a number of factors such as:

Symptoms of Pneumonia
Symptoms can be mild or severe depending on the cause and general condition of the person affected, with symptoms such as:

Preventing Pneumonia
There is a pneumococcal vaccination available to reduce the likelihood of a bacterial infection. The influenza vaccine can also greatly help prevent the risk of pneumonia to some at risk individuals.

Diagnosing of Pneumonia
An examination of your symptoms may be followed up with blood tests or an x-ray.

Treating Pneumonia
Treatment will depend on the cause of the pneumonia and overall health of the person. Most bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics, plenty of fluids and rest. Symptoms should be carefully monitored and treated accordingly in case any complications arise and in severe cases hospitalization will be required due to for example respiratory failure.

Most At Risk
Particularly at risk are children, the elderly, smokers and those with an already compromised immune system, chest injury or illness.