Jet Lag (Desynchronosis)
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Jet Lag (Desynchronosis)
Jet Lag is a physical condition caused by rapidly crossing several time zones, which affects a persons circadian rhythms.

Symptoms of Jet Lag
Symptoms vary from person to person but often include the following:

Cause of Jet Lag
Jet lag is caused by rapidly crossing time zones, particularly when travelling from east to west and vice versa on long haul flights. As a rough guide it takes about a day to fully adjust to one hours time difference, so for long flights it can take several days for your body to adjust and recover from the time difference.

Most At Risk From Jet Lag
Anyone travelling rapidly by air on long haul flights can suffer the effects of disruption to their natural circadian rhythms.

Preventing Jet Lag
The following can help prevent or ease jet lag:

Treatment for Jet Lag
Treatment from jet lag involves allowing your body sufficient time to adjust to the change of time zone, which in some cases can take several days.