Japanese Encephalitis
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Japanese Encephalitis
Japanese Encephalitis is a viral infection that in many cases has mild symptoms similar to those of flu, however in severe cases the infection can cause serious brain damage and death.

Symptoms of Japanese Encephalitis
Many early symptoms are similar to flu, however in more serious cases of infection the virus progress to the central nervous system causing serious inflammation of the brain which can lead on to paralysis, permanent brain damage and death.

Early and mild symptoms can include:

In severe cases of the viral infection symptoms often include:

Cause of Japanese Encephalitis
Japanese Encephalitits is spread by mosquitoes infected with the virus.

Areas Affected By Japanese Encephalitis
Areas affected are mainly rural areas of Asia and the Far East.

Most At Risk From Japanese Encephalitis
People most at risk from Japanese Encephalitis are those who will be spending prolonged time in rural areas.

Testing For Japanese Encephalitis
Blood tests are often used in diagnosis.

Preventing Japanese Encephalitis
There is a vaccine available which is often given to people who will be travelling to high risk areas where the virus is endemic, consult your doctor in plenty of time, who will be able to advise you on having the vaccination.

Other preventative measures include avoiding going out at dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are often most active. Wear long sleeved clothing and plenty of insect repellent. The use of mosquito nets at night and window and door screens are also an excellent way to prevent being bitten by mosquitos.

Treatment for Japanese Encephalitis
If you suspect Japanese Encephalitis seek immediate medical attention as symptoms can quickly deteriorate. There are no specific treatments for the virus so supportive care is given depending on the symptoms present. The patients symptoms are closely monitored for any changes in condition.