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Hepatitis is a condition affecting the liver and can be caused by the hepatitis virus, drugs, toxins or an infection.

Symptoms of Hepatitis
Hepatitis can be difficult to quickly diagnose due to its varied symptoms, which can include:

More serious conditions are:

Areas Affected By Hepatitis
Hepatitis often affects countries where immunization against the virus is not undertaken and where sanitary and hygiene practises are of a poor standard. High risk areas can include Africa, Mexico, Asia, South America and the Middle East.

Cause of Hepatitis
There are several causes of Hepatitis such as:

Testing For Hepatitis
Testing for hepatitis is achieved through blood testing.

Preventing Hepatitis
Vaccinations are available against hepatitis A, B, there is no vaccine for hepatitis C or E however the hepatitis B vaccine will help prevent hepatitis D from occurring. Consult your doctor prior to travelling to any countries where hepatitis is common, as a vaccination is often recommended. Ensure good sanitary and hygiene practises are adhered to when traveling to a country where the disease is common and take care that food and drink has been properly prepared and has not become contaminated.

Treatment for Hepatitis
Seek medical attention as treatment will depend upon the symptoms and severity.