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Helminthiasis is a parasitic infection often affecting the intestinal tract but can also affect organs such as the liver.

Symptoms of Helminthiasis
There are several varied symptoms for helminthiasis which may include some of the following:

Cause of Helminthiasis
Helminthiasis can be caused by one or more parasites such as roundworms, tapeworm, hook worms or whipworms. Those infected with intestinal worms excrete the parasite eggs in their faeces and if sanitation and hygiene is of a poor standard the parasite eggs can easily be ingested through contamination of food or through skin penetration, such as is caused by hookworms.

Testing For Helminthiasis
Blood and fecal tests are often taken for diagnosis.

Preventing Helminthiasis
Improved sanitation and hygiene awareness will help prevent helminthiasis.

Treatment for Helminthiasis
Treatment involves the use of anthelmintic medication to remove the parasites.