Heat Stroke
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Heat Stroke
Heat stroke is a life threatening condition that occurs when the body becomes dangerously dehydrated and ceases to be able to cool itself down, causing the body temperature to rise.

Symptoms of Heat Stroke
Early warnings of heat exhaustion show first and include:

If early warning signs of heat exhaustion are not dealt with more serious heat stroke symptoms can occur such as:

Cause of Heat Stroke
Heat stroke is life threatening condition and is caused when the body is exposed to high temperatures, becomes extremely dehydrated and is unable to lose sufficient heat causing the body temperature to rise further. Heat stroke is often caused by excessive exercise in hot weather combined with insufficient fluid intake.

At Risk From Heat Stroke
Those most at risk from heat stroke those who are already dehydrated either through illness, drinking large quantities of alcohol, or excessive exercise and also people who 's bodies are not sufficiently efficient at removing excess heat and sufficiently being able to cool down such as elderly people, overweight people, young children in particular babies and some medical conditions.

Preventing Heat Stroke
Drinking plenty of fluids such as water or electrolyte replacement drinks and avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine which can further dehydrate. Refrain from over exertion during hot weather.

Treatment for Heat Stroke
If you suspect heat stoke then seek immediate medical attention as heat stroke can be fatal and requires careful treatment. Treatment often includes: