Heat Exhaustion
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Heat Exhaustion
Heat exhaustion occurs when the body is exposed to high temperatures and suffers from dehydration often due to insufficient fluid intake.

Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion
Early warnings of heat exhaustion often include:

If early warning signs of heat exhaustion are not dealt with more serious heat stroke symptoms can occur such as:

Cause of Heat Exhaustion
Heat exhaustion is caused by prolonged exposure to hot temperatures combined with insufficient or unbalanced fluid intake. Excessive exercise in these conditions can exasperate the problem especially if your body has not sufficiently acclimatized. If left untreated heat exhaustion can lead onto the far more serious heat stroke which requires immediate medical attention.

At Risk From Heat Exhaustion
Those at high risk of heat exhaustion include young children, babies and the elderly as well some medical conditions and those partaking in strenuous exercise.

Preventing Heat Exhaustion
Helping to prevent heat exhaustion involves drinking plenty of fluids such as water or electrolyte replacement drinks and by avoiding drinks such as alcohol and caffeine which can further dehydrate the body.

Allow your body sufficient time to become acclimatized to an increase in temperature and take extreme care to monitor fluid intake during excessive exercise.

Treatment for Heat Exhaustion
If you suspect heat exhaustion then take immediate action to seek medical attention, relieve symptoms and prevent the progression to heat stroke from occurring. Treatment often includes: