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Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted bacterial infection, that can affect both males and females. Prompt treatment with antibiotics is usually successful in treating this condition.

Symptoms of Gonorrhea
The symptoms of gonorrhea can take a few days or a couple of weeks to show after initial exposure with the infection commonly found around the genital tract. Several other areas of the body can also be infected, such as the throat, eyes, rectum and joints, however gonorrhea can be asymptomatic allowing it to be easily transmitted on. If symptoms are present they often include:

Cause of Gonorrhea
The bacteria known as Neisseria Gonorrhoeae is passed on during sexual contact, this can include anal, vaginal and oral intercourse.

Testing for Gonorrhea
The testing of infected mucus through swabs is often done to confirm the infection along with close monitoring of symptoms.

Preventing Gonorrhea
To help prevent infection, try to limit the amount of sexual partners you have and use a condom. If you suspect gonorrhea visit your doctor to arrange to be tested, during this time restrain from further sexual intercourse until you have clear results.

Treatment for Gonorrhea
If you suspect gonorrhea seek immediate medical attention, as prompt treatment is necessary.