Food Poisoning (Campylobacter)
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Food Poisoning (Campylobacter)
Food Poisoning is the effect that eating contaminated food has on your body, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe depending on the source.

Symptoms of Food Poisoning
Symptoms of food poisoning can start anywhere from between a few hours to a couple of days after consuming contaminated food. There are several signs of food poisoning with symptoms varying according to the severity of the contamination and general health and age of patient.

If symptoms persist for more than 24 hours or become more severe then consult your doctor, especially if you are unable to keep fluids down, have blood in your vomit or bowel movements, severe abdominal pain or high fever.

Causes of Food Poisoning
Food poisoning can be caused by contamination either due to incorrect cooking temperature or cooking time, incorrect storage of chilled or frozen items, unhygienic preparation and handling of food or inadequately prepared food. Cross contamination of the food is also a major cause of food poisoning and is due to harmful bacteria being spread between cooking and preparation surfaces.

Sources of Food Contamination
Bacteria, viruses, parasites and toxins are all notable causes of food poisoning:

Preventing Food Poisoning
Travellers should carefully choose where and what they eat, especially when travelling to developing countries.

Treatment for Food Poisoning
In many cases food poisoning will only last for a few days and in these cases it is important to drink plenty of fluids to remain sufficiently hydrated and only start eating small amounts of plain foods once the sickness and diarrhoea have stopped. If the food poisoning is more severe, for example due to a toxin or if a child is involved then hospitalization may be necessary in order to successfully treat and monitor their condition.