Peru Travel Advice

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Peru Travel Advice
When travelling to Peru try to be as organized and well prepared as possible, any booking arrangements that can be made in advance should be and try to allow yourself plenty of time to get to destination as transport punctuality can be a little creative at times.

Remain vigilant of your surroundings and avoid travelling anywhere on your own, especially late at night and where possible carry as few valuables on your person as possible.

Travel Safety
Be extremely cautious when venturing out onto the roads and only use a reputable travel companies that have good safety records. Ask your hotel to arrange a taxi and where possible do not travel alone.

Food and Drink
Drink plenty of bottled water and avoid drinks that have ice in or foods like salads that may have been washed in tap water. Avoid ice in drinks and drinks that have been watered down and dairy products. Any fruit should be peeled first.

It is not advisable to take photo's of any military facilities.

Natural Disasters
The most common natural disasters are earthquakes and mudslides, if you are travelling to any remote areas of Peru it is worth checking ahead for any transport issues that there may be.

It is advisable as with many travel destinations to take out full health insurance and visit your physician a good 4 to 6 weeks prior to travelling to ensure that you have the correct vaccinations and any medication that is necessary for your trip and If you suffer from any significant medical conditions then medical bracelet should be worn and it is a good idea to take your own first aid kit.

Health and Travel Insurance
This is a must when travelling to Peru, before you leave check exactly what your policy will and will not cover especially with regard to medical and evacuation cover.