Sacred Valley
Peru • South America

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Sacred Valley, Peru, South America
The incredibly large and beautiful Sacred Valley of the Incas is also known as the Urubamba Valley after the river that flows through it of the same name. The area has an even climate which is suitable for farming and contains spectacular scenery that is dotted with several towns and ancient Inca sites.

Sites within the Sacred Valley include the Sacsayhuaman Fortress which contains huge stone walls that were around 24 meters in height and were put together without the use of mortar in the traditional Inca tradition. The fortress was built in a commanding position over looking the city of Cusco and exactly how the enormous blocks of granite were transported and fitted into place still remains unclear. Close to Sacsayhuaman is the Quenko Temple which was the site of many rituals and has an interesting semi circular raised forecourt.

The Puca Pucara Fortress is thought to of been one of the many stopping points for Inca messengers as well as an important storage facility and lookout station, while a few hundred meters away is the sacred bathing site of Tambomachay which contains many fresh water springs.

The ruined ancient City of Pisac has incredibly large agricultural terraces and several structures of carved stone such as the centrally positioned Temple of the Sun, Temple of the Moon and Intihuatana, the whole area offers an excellent view of the Sacred Valley. The large and popular market of Pisac is well known for its varied and colorful selection of hand made goods.

Ollantaytambo was a fortress and contains the Sun Temple, a giant wall of monoliths and incredibly large agricultural terraces, along with several storehouses and fountains.

Sited above the Sacred Valley at the Northern end in the Andes Mountains is the Lost City of The Incas, Machu Picchu.

Attraction Location Guide
The Valley is located around 28 miles north of the city of Cusco.