Royal Tombs Of Sipan Museum
Peru • South America

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Royal Tombs Of Sipan Museum, Peru, South America
The Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum ( Tumbas Reales de Sipan) contains many important artefacts that were discovered from within in the Tombs of Sipan who was the lord of the Moche civilization.

The Lord of Sipan was buried in a wooden sarcophagus with his head pointing to the south and his nose and ears covered in gold relics while his feet covered in silver and surrounded by many other beautiful objects, positioned around the tomb were the bodies of two women, a dog, a llama and a warrior.

The museum is three stories high and was designed in the style of the pyramid which was positioned over the famous burial site. Inside the museum the visitor can learn about both the culture of the Mochica as well as learning about the exciting excavation process which uncovered these unique burial chambers.

Visitors enter the museum via an access ramp on the third floor and journey downwards in the same way that the archaeologists did when they discovered the tomb. After journeying down to the first floor you come across an exact replica of the Lord of Sipan's Tomb.

Each floor of the museum gives new insight into the culture revealing items such as elaborate pieces of gold jewelry much of which combined turquoise and gold, while other items displayed include clothing, ornaments and ceramic pieces.

The museum also has several life-size manikins on display, that depict the Lord of Sipan in full dress along with those of importance who would have been around him.

Attractoin Location Guide
The museum is located around 6 kilometers away from the City of Chiclayo in Lambayeque and is about 1 kilometer away from the Bruning Archaeological Museum.