Nazca Lines
Peru • South America

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Nazca Lines, Peru, South America
The Nazca Lines are amazing drawings of shapes and figures that have been sketched into the ground and show around 300 drawings in the Pampas de Jumana which covers an area of around 500 square kilometers. Animal depictions include that of a Condor which has an impressive 130 meter wingspan, a Hummingbird, Spider, Dog, Fish, Lizard and Monkey as well as a human figure and several geometric shapes.

There is still much speculation as to there exact purpose but are generally considered to be religious in their nature. The Nazca Lines were sketched into the rock surface by the Nazca Indians who lived in the area from around 200 to 600 AD and considering the length of time they have been there it is incredible that these sketches still remain so visible and clearly defined today. The Nazca Lines are best viewed from the air which adds to a real sense of mystery as to there real purpose.

The Lines were achieved by removing the dark red pebbles which cover the floor to display the white bottom surface underneath which form the visible lines in the ground which due to the constant climate of the area have been excellently preserved. Exactly how the shapes were drawn out and measured and how many Nazca people were used to complete these individual sketches is still unknown.

Tourist Attraction Location Guide
The Nazca Lines are located in the Pampas de Jumana which is between Nazca and Palpas around 450 kilometers to the south of Lima and cover an area of around 500 square kilometers.

Nazca Lines Tours
Guided Tours of the Nazca Lines are very informative and a great way to get up close to these unique pieces of art work. Only use a well known tour guide company to ensure you get the most professional tour which can be booked in nearby Nazca. Another great way to enjoy the Nazca Lines is by going up in a plane from Ica Airport where you can get a real sense of the shear size and shape of the Lines.