Lake Titicaca
Peru • South America

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Lake Titicaca, Peru, South America
The lake is known for its beautiful bright blue colour and outstanding natural beauty and was named after the Rock of the Puma which is called Titi Kharka. The lake is positioned some 12,500 feet above sea level in the Andes Mountain region and lies on the border between Bolivia and Peru.

There are 41 Islands situated within the lake, many of which are considered to be sacred. Some of the most visited are the Isla del Sol, Isla Amantani, Isla de la Luna and the floating Uros Islands.

The Isla del Sol is the largest of the islands on Lake Titicaca and is reached by boat from nearby Copacabana who run regular trips to the island. At the northern end of Isla del Sol is the town of Challapampa where you will find the Gold Museum which contains many gold Inca artefacts that were discovered in the area. There is also the rock formation known as the Rock of the Puma and a large Inca Table which was supposedly used for sacrifices and nearby are some unusual rock impressions which are called the Footsteps in the Sun. At the southern end of the Isla del Sol are the Inca Steps which lead to the Fountain of Youth and the Temple of Pilcocaina.

Isla Amantani is a peaceful island with excellent views of the lake. There is a small museum and a shop as well as the opportunity to buy home made goods such as clothing. The Isla Taquile is another small island which when you climb to its highest point offers wonderful views of the island and village and is a great place to pick up traditional hand made clothing from the region.

The floating Uros Island's are man made islands of reed, which number around 40 and upon which the locals live, it is possible to stay overnight on these floating Islands and experience what it is like to live on these unique floating islands whilst enjoying the traditional cuisine, culture and wonderful hospitality.

Also on the Lake is the Isla de la Luna which is a small uninhabited island which contains the Inca ruins of the Temple of the Virgins of the Sun.

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The lake is positioned on the border between Bolivia and Peru within the Andes Mountains.