Warachikuy Ritual
Sacsayhuaman • Cuzco

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Warachikuy Ritual
The Warachikuy ritual is based upon the ancient Inca initiation ritual for young males who would have to perform a series of athletic tests to test their courage, speed, endurance and skills in order to gain their wara (loincloth) and rite of passage to become adult men within the tribe worthy holding a rank which the tests would determine, going to war and taking a wife.

The event is held annually at the impressive Sacsayhuamen fortress and begins with the arrival of the Inca army brilliantly dressed and the Sapa Inca who is carried on a throne for all to see wearing an elaborate costume. Throughout the ritual you can enjoy watching traditional dancing as well as the various events of the competition which involve tasks such as an obstacle course, events with fire, strength and balance events.

The Warachikuy Ritual is a very lively event with plenty going on to keep you visually entertained, and the colourful costumes are as impressive as the events themselves.

Date Of Warachikuy Ritual
The ritual usually takes place on the third Sunday within the month of September.

This unique event takes place at the Sacsayhuamen Fortress which is around 2 kilometers north of the city of Cuzco, Peru.

Travel Guide
Cuzco is served by the Teniente Alejandro Velasco Astete Airport which has links to several locations within Peru such as Arequipa and Lima. Within Cuzco you will find plenty of busses and taxis to take you to the fortress which from the outskirts usually takes about 10 minutes.