Virgen de Cocharcas Festival

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Virgen de Cocharcas Festival
The Virgen de Cocharcas is a carved figure who is also known as the travelling virgin and an important figure who has performed many miracles.

It was in late 16th century that Sebastian Quimichi who lived in San Pedro de Cocharcas travelled to Lake Titicaca to visit Bolivia's Virgin of Copacabana who performed many miracles near to Lake Titicaca. Quimichi later had a wooden figure carved of her, in order to show his great appreciation for her. Once the carved figure was completed Quimichi then had the long and arduous journey of travelling back to his hometown in Cocharcas where a shrine was built.

During the festival the beautiful carved image is carried proudly up in the air, surrounded by colourful flowers and a procession travels around the streets often accompanied with traditional music and dancing and plenty of colourful costumes.

Date Of The Virgen de Cocharcas Festival
The event takes place on and around the 8th of September.

The Virgen de Cocharcas Festival largely takes place within the Andes regions of Peru such as Sapallanga in Huancayo within the department of Junin, Cocharcas, Andahuaylas, Apurimac and Ayacucho as well as within other surrounding areas.

Travel Guide
The Andahuaylas district is around 150 miles to the west of Cuzco and can be easily reached by road in around 4 hours or via the Andahuaylas Airport which is located approximately 9 miles south of the Andahuaylas District. Ayacucho can be reached by plane to the Coronel FAP Alfredo Mendívil Duarte Airport (AYP) and has connections with Lima.