Senor de Muruhuay Festival
Junin • Peru

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Senor de Muruhuay Festival
This important religious festival is centred around a unique image of Christ that is located on the side of a rock face around 12 kilometers away from the town of Tarma.

The festival begins with a colourful fireworks display on May the 2nd followed the next day with a religious mass and procession back to the town of Tarma where more festivities take place in the form of live traditional music and dance competitions where during the festival there is a dance over flower petals laid out on the floor.

There is a wide selection of wholesome cuisine on offer during the festival and large crowds gather around to watch the various dances and festivities that take place over the course of the event.

Date Of Senor de Muruhuay Festival
The main event takes place on May 3rd with fireworks often taking place on the 2nd.

The festival takes place close to Tarma, Junin, which is around 100 kilometers north west of Huancayo and 230 kilometers north east of Lima.

Travel Guide
There are regular busses from Huacayo to Tarma and long distance busses from Lima.