Santa Rosa de Lima Festival

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Santa Rosa de Lima Festival
This religious festivals is a celebration to Santa Rosa who tirelessly worked to care for the poor and the sick and also performed miraculous healing's.

Her devotion and self sacrifice led her to become greatly admired and respected and each year hundreds of pilgrims visit her shrine within the Convento Santa Rosa in Lima and her birthplace at Santa Rosa de Quives.

There is often a vast procession throughout the streets with hundreds of devotees taking part.

Date Of Santa Rosa de Lima Festival
The festival takes place annually on the 30th of August.

The celebration is honoured in Santa Rosa de Quives which is around 70 kilometers north east of Lima, as well as at the red rose coloured Convento Santa Rosa within Lima.

Travel Guide
Lima is served by the Jorge Chavez International Airport which also offers plenty of domestic flights to other areas of Peru, and within the city there are plenty of busses and taxis available.