National Marinera Festival

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National Marinera Festival
This energetic festival brings together national and international Marinera dancers of all ages and expertise who come to take part in various categories and street parades that take place during this prestigious competition.

The Marinera dance was originally called the 'Chilena' due to the close relationship at the time between Chile and Peru, however after conflict between the two countries the dance was subsequently renamed and now pays great respect to the Peruvian Navy.

The dance typically shows a courtship ritual between a male and female dancer who perform various movemments with exceptionaly fast footwork whilst integrategrating white hankerchiefs into the dance routine.

Other features of the Marinera is that the female dancers must dance barefoot and wear traditional dress, while the men typically wear either a white suit or poncho and a wide brimmed hat with black shoes.

Date of Festival
The annual Marinera Festival takes place during January.

The festival takes place in Trujillo, La Libertad, Peru

Travel Guide
Trujillo is located along the coast approximately 200 kilometers south of Chiclayo and 580 kilometers north of Lima.