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Lima • Peru

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Lord Of Miracles Festival
The Lord Of Miracles Festival or El Senor de los Milagros as it is also known is a highly celebrated Christian festival that centers around a painting of Jesus Christ which depicts his crucifixion and includes the figures of St Mary Magdalene, the Virgin Mary, the Holy Spirit and God.

During the 17th century a black slave painted the picture which gained in reputation after it survived intact after a terrible earthquake that destroyed much of the city. To this day the legend of the painting continues to inspire the belief of great hope and protection amongst its faithful followers who come to Lima in their thousands in adoration of this religious Icon.

During the festival the painting is carried on a silver litter from its resting place at Las Nazarenas Church around the streets of Lima. Walking in front of the painting are Catholic sisters wearing purple robes who are accompanied by faithful followers also dressed in purple clothing in respect to the Lord of Miracles. During the procession many of the participants wave burning incense, sing hymn's and pray during the procession.

Date Of Festival
The procession takes place on the 18th, 19th of October.

The festival takes place within the City of Lima, central Peru.

Travel Guide
Lima is served by the Jorge Chavez International Airport which offers both national and international flights. There are also plenty of long distance bus lines that regularly travel to Lima and within the city there are no shortages of taxis, collectivos, metro and busses.