La Vendimia Wine Festival
Ica • Peru

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La Vendimia Wine Festival
The city of Ica is located in the heart of Peru's wine region and comes alive with this annual festival in celebration of the grape harvest.

The festival includes colourful street processions with decorated floats as well as various competitions, live music and plenty of traditional dancing. There are stalls selling a wide range of sweets and savory dishes and an excellent selection of beverages in particular Pisco.

The choosing of the Festival Queen is eagerly anticipated and the tradition of the Festival Queen treading the grapes is also upheld and all part of the fun of this unique festival.

Date Of La Vendimia Wine Festival
The festival takes place towards the beginning of March.

The wine festivals takes place within the city of Ica in the Ica region of Peru, which is located around 300 kilometers south of Lima.

Travel Guide
From Lima you can travel along the Panamericana Sur to Ica which takes just over three and a half hours by bus or car.