Inti Raymi
Sacsayhuaman • Peru

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Inti Raymi Festival
This incredible festival which is also known as the Festival of the Sun, features a unique reenactment of an ancient festival in honour of the Inca Sun God Inti.

The event features a colourful procession by the Sapa Inca and his followers which travels from the Koricancha which is also known as the Temple Of The Sun in Cuzco to the Sacsayhuaman Fortress, often via the main Plaza de Armas.

The central Inca participants are dressed in colourful and elaborate costumes with Sapa Inca seated on a golden throne. Accompanying the procession several floats, live bands and dancers wearing amazing costumes and energetically performing along the route.

Upon arrival at Sacsayhuaman the Sapa Inca takes his place so that all can see and speeches are given by leading Inca members. It is an Inca tradition that a white Llama would be sacrificed during the festival to ensure a bountiful harvest and to predict the year ahead, the sacrifice still features although no animals are harmed. Other aspects of the festival are traditional dances

The Inti Raymi Festival draws in huge crowds who not only surround the Sacsayhuaman fortress but also line the streets through which the procession travels.

Date Of The Inti Raymi Festival
The main festival reenactment takes place annually on the 24th of June, although there are often other festivities going on around that date.

The event begins at Santo Domingo or Koricancha (Qorikancha) Temple of the Sun and travels to the Fortress at Sacsayhuaman, which is on the outskirts of the city of Cuzco.

Travel Guide
Sacsayhuamen is located approximately 3 kilometers north of the center of Cuzco and is accessible by taxi or bus and takes around 10 minutes. Cuzco airport is Teniente Alejandro Velasco Astete which has links to several locations such as Arequipa and Lima.