International Surfing Tournament

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International Surfing Tournament
The popular surfing event takes place along Peru's dramatic coastline to the north of the country and features renowned surfers from both Peru and around the globe.

The event often takes place at Huanchaco with plenty of supporters lining the beach to watch the action. The beaches near Trujillo such as Huanchaco and Chicama are great beaches to watch surfers in action and there are plenty of surf shops with gear and instructors for hire, for those who wish to have a go themselves.

As you walk along the shoreline you will also encounter plenty of caballitos de totora which are hand crafted rafts that are made out of woven totora reed, which provide a striking feature to the beach scenery.

There are plenty of restaurants along the shore with an ample supply of fresh fish dishes on offer as well as being within close proximity to plenty of shops, cafe's, markets and the famous ruins of Chan Chan.

Date Of Event
The surfing tournament takes place every March.

The tournament takes place along the coast near to Trujillo, in the La Libertad Region, Peru.

Travel Guide
The leading beaches are at Huanchaco and Chicama which are are around 15 kilometers west of the centre of Trujillo and can be easily reached by bus or taxi.