International Spring Festival

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See also: National Marinera Contest

International Spring Festival
The energetic Spring features both traditional and modern dancing, marching bands, floats and of course a festival Queen.

The Festival takes place throughout Peru but is particularly vibrant in Trujillo, where the streets are lined with spectators who come to enjoy the visual spectacle and colourful costumes.

Marinera dancers perform during the parade, often with the females wearing traditional white dresses and carrying handkerchiefs and the males suitable dressed in either a suit or poncho and carrying their wide brimmed hats.

The festival Queen arrives on her own elaborate float and is often surrounded by accompanying dancers. Amongst the displays are troops of uniformed marching bands accompanied by majorettes displaying their technical baton twirling skills.

Date Of Spring Festival
The festival takes place in the last week of September.

The Spring festival is celebrated throughout Peru, although is particularly impressive within the city of Trujillo in northwestern Peru.

Travel Guide
Trujillo can be easily be reached by Trujillo airport which has connections with Lima, Tumbes and Chiclayo alternatively there are regular bus services from Lima, Tumbes, Chiclayo and Caraz.