Fiestas Patrias
Independence Day • Peru

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Fiestas Patrias
Peru's Independence Day is a National Holiday and one that is greatly celebrated throughout the whole country.

Don Jose de San Martin was an Argentine General and instrumental in Peru's struggle for independence from Spain which was declared on the 28th of July in 1821. Every year this date is celebrated with a 21 cannon salute and the raising of the national flag which is red with a vertical band of white and raised throughout the country both on public and private buildings and the president of Peru also addresses the nation.

The following day there are parades by both the military and National Police which take place in many of the main city squares. During this time you can enjoy watching perfectly timed parades, various pieces of weaponry and uniforms of both the military and police personnel.

In many areas there are also firework displays and fairs where plenty of traditional cuisine, music and dancing can be enjoyed along with the chance to purchase arts and crafts and plenty of other items as well. In rural areas livestock fairs are also a prominent feature as the whole country celebrates its independence.

Date Of Fiestas Patrias
Independence Day is celebrated annually over two days on the 28th and 29th of June.

Fiestas Patrias is celebrated throughout Peru but is particularly impressive within the larger cities such as Cuzco and Lima.

Travel Guide
Both Lima and Cuzco have excellent travel links to them and to many other areas of Peru as well as rail and bus connections from certain areas.