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Easter, Peru
Easter (Semana Santa) is one of the most important celebrations for Catholics and is widely honored throughout Peru with religious events marking Easter week, including the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Within Holy week there are street processions throughout the country where images of Christ are carried and surrounded by candles in an act of mourning of the crucifixion of Jesus. Ayacucho is well known for its reenactment of Jesus Christ's entrance into Jerusalem which often draws in large crowds which line the procession route through the city.

During Easter you will often find plenty of fairs and open air markets selling traditional arts and crafts and offering a wide range of cuisine, there are often live music and dance performances which add to the entertainment.

Date Of Easter
Easter is a moveable feast which often takes place around the end of March and early April.

Easter takes place throughout much of Peru, however celebrations are particularly impressive in Cuzco and Ayacucho.

Travel Guide
Travel by bus can be quite time consuming so it is often preferable to travel by plane, unless you are already in the vicinity.