Christmas In Peru
La Navidad

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Christmas In Peru
Christmas (la Navidad) celebrations are widely celebrated throughout the country and are a tremendous opportunity for family and friends to get together.

Christmas parties and get together's are centered around the Christmas Eve on the 24th also known as "Noche Buena" which means good night which often involves plenty of singing, dancing and nativity plays.

There are also ample nativity scenes on display, often within the main Plaza de Armas, inside churches and often in peoples homes as well. The markets are often filled with handmade nativity figures as well as plenty of gift ideas as well.

Traditional food at Christmas can include Turkey and the sweet fruit bread called Paneton which is often accompanied with a drink of hot chocolate. The opening of presents is either done the 24th, 25th or on 6th of January in honour of the arrival of the three wise men.

If you are invited in to somebodies house at Christmas it is customary to take a gift such as a wrapped Paneton and remember to wish your host family "Feliz Navidad" which means Happy Christmas.

Date Of Christmas
Christmas is celebrated annually on the 24th and 25th of December.

Christmas is celebrated throughout Peru, although it is particularly vibrant in Cuzco where the main Plaza de Armas is transformed into a lively Christmas market on the 24th offering a wide array of goods such as handmade nativity figures for making your own nativity scene.