All Saints Day

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All Saints Day
All Saints Day (Día de Todos Santos) is a traditional ceremony in honour of all the Catholic Saints and is often celebrated with family and friends getting together for a traditional meal.

This is followed by All Souls Day (Día de los Muertos), which is in memory of deceased Peruvians which are honoured by their family and friends who bring gifts to the cemetery where the deceased lay rest such as gifts of food and flowers which are left at the cemetery, and are often accompanied by prayers and music.

A mass is held during the day, often followed with a candlelight vigil that lasts throughout the night. The giving of bread rolls often in the shape of babies or horses is also symbolic.

Different areas of Peru celebrate in slightly different ways, for example in La Arena, Piura children are taken to the towns main square wearing their very best clothes so that people who have lost children can give a gift of sweets or bread rolls to the child who most resembles the child they lost.

Date Of All Saints Day
All Saints Day and All Souls Day occur annually on the 1st and 2nd of November.

All over Peru All Saints Day is observed, however Arequipa, Junin and La Arena in Piura are popular locations to witness this celebration.

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