Chan Chan
Peru • South America

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Chan Chan, Peru, South America
The ancient city of Chan Chan is now protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The now ruined city was once an immense complex covering an area of around 18 square kilometers that was built by the Chimu people who formed the Chimor empire. The Chimu successfully ruled the area until the Incas finally conquered them in 1493.

This incredible city contained 10 separate citadels with an intricate layout that consisted of passageways, ramps, courtyards, temples, residences, burial chambers, store rooms, ceremonial rooms and gardens that were all spread throughout the city. Agriculture also had a major part to play for the Chimor people and vast irrigation channels were laid in order to help supply this massive city with the quantities of produce that it required.

The walls of Chan Chan would have separated various parts of the city off, as well as offering protection against the elements. The city walls are made of mud and are incredibly tall with a smoothly covered surface upon which the carvings of birds, fish, squirrels and warrior figures were placed in a repeating pattern, many of these impressive walls still remain with the original carvings still clearly visible.

Attraction Location Guide
The ruins of Chan Chan are found in the La Libertad region a few kilometers to the West of Trujillo.