San Cristobal Island
Galapagos Islands

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San Cristobal Island, Galapagos, Ecuador
The island is fittingly named after the patron saint of seafarers St. Christopher and was the first island that Darwin disembarked on his famous Voyage of the Beagle San Cristobal now has a statue close to the shore marking this event.

The island which is also referred to as Chatham Island after the first Earl of Chatham also contains one of the main airports within the archipelago and the capital of the Galapagos islands Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, although the town is not the largest in terms of its population. There are several hotels and restaurants available for those wishing to stay on the island and the Galapagos National Park Visitor Center offers plenty of information about the history of the Galapagos, the different ecosystems and diverse range of flora and fauna.

The island is a rich mixture of volcanic peaks, lush vegetation and fantastic beaches such as Playa Mann Beach and Puerto Chino Beach, as long as you don't mind sharing with a sea lion or two.