Rabida Island
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Rabida Island, Galapagos
Rabida Island has striking red sand beaches and cliffs which are dotted with brown pelicans and booby birds.

The island is located to the south of Santiago Island and has rich green vegetation where plenty of Finches can be observed while the shores are filled with Sea Lions who lay out basking in the sun.

Rabida has a walking trail that leads you around a salt water lagoon where you'll be able to enjoy several Flamingoes feeding in the shallows and White Cheeked Pintail Ducks can often be seen feeding on aquatic plants. The trail then continues towards the summit of the islands volcano where you will be treated to more breathtaking views of the island.

Rabida Island has excellent swimming and snorkeling opportunities where you may come across Green Turtles, Seals, Dolphins and Tropical Fish.