Espanola Island
Galapagos • Ecuador

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Espanola Island Travel Guide, Galapagos
The Island of Espanola is also known as 'Hood Island' and is located to the south of San Cristobal Island and part of the Galapagos Islands archipelago of Ecuador.

The island, which is not inhabited is incredibly popular with travellers due to its abundant selection of wildlife which is best observed as you follow along the walking trail around the island. You will come across Lava Lizards and an excellent population of Saddleback Tortoises thanks to the captive breeding programme that was set up at the Darwin Research Station to successfully replenish the severely depleted numbers of tortoise that were on the island.

Due to the islands spectacular cliffs, you will also find one of the largest colonies of Waved Albatrosses as well as other birds such as the Blue Footed Booby, Red Billed Tropic Birds, Galapagos Hawks, Shearwaters, Finches and Swallow Tailed Gulls.

The island has two main sites that are toured both of which offer a spectacular array of wildlife and coastal views, not to mention a great way of enjoy the hard work of conservation efforts to restore depleted numbers of Saddleback Tortoises to the island.