Bartolome Island
Galapagos • Ecuador

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Bartolome Island, Galapagos
The small island of Bartolome offers several spectacular views of the Galapagos an abundant supply of wildlife and its own unique and colourful selection of rock formations.

The island was named after Sir Bartholomew James Sulivan who was a lieutenant aboard famous HMS Beagle during Darwin's survey voyage.

The island has a fascinating volcano which can be easily climbed using a wooden boardwalk which acts to protect the surface of the volcano which contains rock formations of varying colours and shapes.

From the summit you will be able to take in some superb views of the island and of the much photographed Pinacle Rock which sits on upper tip of one of two half moon shaped bays which are separated by a thin strip of land containing mangroves that leads towards the rest of the island.

Pinnacle Rock is a large and striking volcanic rock formation that sharply juts out from the edge of the bay dominating the rocks that sit below it and the bay.

Swimming and snorkeling around Bartolome is excellent especially around Pinnacle Rock where you will be able to encounter a variety of marine life such as White Tipped Reef Sharks and Green Sea Turtles which lay their eggs on the beaches. Seabirds such as Galapagos Penguins also have colonies on the island.