Galapagos Animals

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Galapagos Animals
The Galapagos islands are well known to be one of the most outstanding places to visit for wildlife of all shapes and sizes.

Over 97.5% of the Galapagos archipelago's form the protected National Park and it is from the combined efforts of the Charles Darwin Foundation and National Park that strives to protect and preserve native species of both plants and animals and eradicate introduced species to the islands.

Galapagos Birds
Bird watching in the Galapagos is a real experience with so many species that are totally unique to the islands and the shear numbers that you will encounter will certainly provide you with plenty to see.

Galapagos Land Animals
There are several unique species of land animal that can be found throughout the Galapagos and being able to walk amongst them is truly remarkable experience.

Galapagos Marine Animals
The abundant supply of marine animals is truly remarkable and being able to swim, snorkel or sail amongst them will provide you with unforgettable moments.