Chile Travel Tips

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Chile Travel Tips
When visiting any country be as vigilant as possible with your own safety, plan ahead as much as possible and use your common sense.

Protests and Demonstrations
Avoid protests and demonstrations of any kind as there have been occasions where protests have turned violent with police subsequently having to use tear gas and water cannons to control the protesters.

When it comes to travelling keep your valuables and personnel possessions as close as possible and do not leave your luggage unattended or place luggage into travel compartments as these are often targeted by thieves.

Try to be extra vigilant when using busses or the metro especially during peak rush hour times when pickpockets are most likely to target.

Avoid wandering around major cities on your own especially late at night and when in unfamiliar areas pre arrange a taxi to drop you off and pick you up. Never leave your drink unattended as they can be easily spiked.

Take a copy of your passport and entry document to carry around and keep your real documents somewhere safe.

Carry plenty of small change with you as you will find it incredibly useful for general tipping and for use at road tolls. Carrying a variety of note bills is especially useful if you plan on visiting areas outside of major cities where small notes are often preferred and ATM machines are somewhat lacking.

Take care of pedestrians when driving especially during festivals or other times of celebrations such as New Years Eve. The driving culture is chaotic at best with little regard given to road signs, speed limits and other road users and in rural areas the roads are not well maintained so great care is needed and a 4 wheel drive vehicle is highly recommended.

The summer season between December and February are the best months for visiting southern Chile, due to the challenging snow and ice conditions which close in over the winter making many roads and trails impassable.

Ski Season
Central Chile offers several superb areas for skiing and the best time to take advantage of these is from June to September.

Where possible arrange for your hotel to book a taxi for you and arrange the fare before entering the taxi.

Visit your doctor prior to travelling to ensure that you are up to date will all relevant vaccinations and have a letter from your doctor detailing any medication that you plan to take with you keeping them in the bottles provided.