Torres del Paine National Park
Southern Patagonia • Chile

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Torres del Paine National Park
The photographic Torres del Paine National Park deserves its excellent reputation amongst hikers and nature lovers for being one of the most outstanding places of natural beauty to be found in Chile.

The park's diverse and pristine landscape includes such sights as glaciers, the Andes mountain range and the three rock towers that have become one of the main highlights of the park and which continue to inspire the intrepid explorer.

The park has several routes throughout the park that range from short easy treks through the valley that take a few hours to longer more challenging treks that can last well over a week depending on your hiking fitness and length of time available. During these treks you may well find yourself walking past glaciers, down steep descents, across valleys and around stunning blue lakes.

The "W" circuit of the park usually takes around 5 days to complete and takes in areas such as the Glacier Grey, French Valley, Pehoe Lake, the Nordenskjold Lake with its powerful waterfall and of course the impressive peaks which form the Torres del Paine rock formation.

There is a rich supply of flora and fauna within the park, and as you travel around the park you may well come across roaming Guanaco, Puma's, Huemul Deer, Patagonian Grey Fox and birds such as the Andean Condor, Eagle, Black Swan, Flamingo, Woodpecker and Owls to name but a few.

Torres del Paine Tour
The town of Puerto Natales has several tour and trekking operators with a selection of guides and itineraries available depending on your preferences that can include activities such as river rafting, fishing, trekking and horseback riding. The trails are very clearly marked out and no straying from the paths is permitted. There are set areas where camping is allowed as well as basic lodgings.

The Torres del Paine National Park is located within the Magallanes region in southern Patagonia

Travel Guide
To reach the park you will need to first journey to Puerto Natales and from there travel by bus or car to the parks entry points at Sarmiento Gate and Amarga Lagoon Gate.