Southern Patagonia

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Southern Patagonia
The south of Chile offers a superb opportunity to view a bountiful supply of wildlife in a dramatic setting that ranges from towering rock formations, never ending snow capped mountains, flowing rivers, vast penguin colonies, formidable glaciers and all set within an incredibly diverse landscape.

Tierra del Fuego
The archipelago known as Tierra del Fuego is divided between Argentina and Chile. Chile's territory includes the Magallanes region which contains the towns of Porvenir and Puerto Williams and the infamous Cape Horn, on the Argentinian side are the main towns of Ushuaia and Rio Grande.

Punta Arenas
The port town of Punta Arenas is located along the Magallanes Strait and as well as offering an abundantly rich supply of wildlife, which includes the fascinating penguin breeding colony Seno Otway, the area also has plenty of museums, shops and restaurants to keep you entertained... more about Punta Arenas

Southern Patagonian Ice Field
This vast ice field covers over 16,000 square kilometers and is located within both Argentina and Chile and feeds several glaciers in particular the Bruggen Glacier as well as the Perito Moreno and Upsala Glaciers in Argentina.

Puerto Natales
A relatively small town located along the Seno Ultima Esperanza that caters well for the many intrepid explorers who come here on there way to seeking out the splendor of the Torres del Paine National Park. The town has ample hotels and restaurants to choose from and several shops that provide a good line in last minute hiking equipment and supplies, while all the while you are surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges and lakes.

Southern Patagonia Location
The region known as Southern Patagonia extends from the island of Chiloe south past Punta Arenas, over the Magellan Straits towards Tierra del Fuego archipelago and on to Cape Horn.

Travel Guide
There are certain areas of the southern region that are easier to reach when travelling in from Argentina rather than Chile such as Futaleufu. The Punta Arenas Airport offers one of the best ways to access the Tierra del Fuego archipelago and Puerto Natales which leads on to the Torres del Paine National Park.