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The city of Santiago is a hive of activity that offers shopping, culture, arts and history and includes sites that range from the modern to the interestingly historic, while all around the city is surrounded by the accessible and spectacular Andes mountains.

Santiago has a Mediterranean climate with temperatures during the winter months averaging 38 to 52 degrees Fahrenheit and is the time when the most amount of rain falls on the city. During the summer you'll find temperatures heading anywhere between 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. The air is however polluted with smog pretty much all year round and especially bad during the winter.

The city of Santiago is located to the north of central Chile, within the Santiago Metropolitan Region which is approximately 115 kilometers to the east of the coast and 120 kilometers away from Valparaiso. Santiago is some 15,000 kilometers away from the town of Calama in northern Chile and 1,000 kilometers away from Puerto Montt to the south.

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Many visitors to Chile will often first arrive at Santiago's International Airport where further travel destinations can then be reached by either plane, bus or car.

There are ample shopping opportunities from markets and modern shopping malls to antiques, book stores and quaint boutiques:

Santiago Festivals
Santiago has a wide range of festivals and events running throughout the year that range from superb wine festivals, music concerts and religious celebrations to grueling marathons... more about Santiago Festivals

Santiago has a wonderful selection of sites and attractions, from the cities superb selection historic buildings and architecture which can be found in several locations such as the impressive cathedral and the colonial church, to other attractions which include several museums, art galleries, parks and squares as well as the wineries which are a short distance outside of the city. Some of the main attractions include:

Santiago has plenty to keep you entertained both within the city and in the beautiful surrounding area, activities can include: