Robinson Crusoe Island

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Robinson Crusoe Island
This fascinating island takes its name after the novel written by Daniel Defoe which was based on a true story of a sailor called Alexander Selkirk who was marooned on the island in 1704 for four years and four months. However the island is also known as Juan Fernandez, who was the first to discover the island in 1574.

There are two other islands near to Robinson Crusoe called Santa Clara and Alexander Selkirk and all are often grouped into being the called the Fernandez Archipelago with all three islands now protected as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and National Park.

Robinson Crusoe Island is located 570 kilometers off Chile.

Travel Guide
Access to the island is via plane from Santiago de Chile which will transport you to La Punta airport on Robinson Crusoe Island in around 3 hours. From the airport you will then have to take a boat ride to the main town of San Juan Bautista.

There are a couple of places to stay within the town of San Juan Bautista.

As well as being an island of natural beauty there are other attractions as well, including: