Northern Patagonia
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Northern Patagonia
The remote solitude of Northern Patagonia can be enjoyed throughout its stunning fjords, snow capped mountain ranges, glaciers, pristine blue lakes and dense forests.

Aisen Region
The Aisen region contains the Capital of Coyhaique, which is surrounded by snow capped mountains and valleys that feature the Coyhaique and Simpson rivers.

Laguna San Rafael National Park
This beautiful park features an incredibly diverse landscape that includes spectacular fjords, Mount San Valentin, San Rapael Glacier, the San Rafael Lagoon and the Northern Patagonian Ice Field. This is an incredibly tranquil area set amongst some incredibly dramatic scenery that also has no shortage of wildlife with albatross, fur seals and dolphins often spotted.

Parque Pumalin
Pumalin Park is well known for its Andean Fjords and hot springs which can be found throughout the park. In the south of the park there is also a sea lion colony not to mention a wealth of wildlife in general that can be found throughout the park. The north of the park is a great location for kayaking and boating through the fjords, while the south has plenty of opportunities for horseback riding and trekking.

The rural town of Chaiten is located next to the Chaiten Volcano and with its small port has become a gateway to Pumalin Park. The area is surrounded by dramatic mountain scenery with vast rivers, dense forests, gorges and waterfalls also featuring, and nearby you will also discover the hot springs of Termas El Amarillo.

An outstanding area of natural beauty surrounds the small town of Futaleufu, lush green forests, pristine lakes and rivers, an abundance of wildlife and breathtaking mountainous views all form part of this special and unspoiled place. Many visitors come to the area for the hiking, fishing and river rafting and although the journey here is a challenge and not as accessible as other areas of Chile it is certainly worthwhile and one of the most rewarding places Chile has to offer.

Los Lagos
The popular Los Lagos region features several outstanding National Parks such as Alerce Andino, Corcovado and Puyehue. The scenery here includes beautiful clear blue lakes, impressive waterfalls and rivers surrounded by rich green valleys, dramatic volcano's and a vast selection of wildlife... more about Los Lagos.

Northern Patagonia runs from the south of the Los Lagos region just below Hornopiren National Park southwards through Pumalin Park, Chaiten, Futaleufu to Coyhaique just below where the Laguna San Raphael National Park meets the Bernardo O'Higgins National Park which forms part of Chile's southern section.

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