Fiesta de La Tirana (Virgen del Carmen)

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Fiesta de La Tirana
The celebration to the Virgen del Carmen as it is also known, attracts vast numbers of pilgrims who come to the small rural town of La Tirana each year to present their offerings to the Virgen del Carmen.

There are numerous dances performed during the event with those taking part wearing a wide range of incredibly colourful outfits with both young and old taking part. Dances such as the Danza de los Diablos are impressive because of the colourful devil suit and mask that the dancers wear while performing. Other more traditional dances include the Morenos, Chuncos and Cuyacas with sounds from instruments such as the flute, trumpet and drums prominently featuring alongside these energetic cultural displays.

There are numerous candles lit around the Virgen del Carmen with celebrations continuing well into the night as well as processions in her honour.

Date of Virgen del Carmen
This popular event takes place annually on the 16th of July.

The Fiesta de La Tirana is located in the small rural town of La Tirana, within the Tarapaca Region of Chile.

Travel Guide
The rural town of La Tirana is around 70 kilometers east of the city of Iquique and can be easily reached by car in around 90 minutes by following Ruta 16 east out of Iquique then south onto Ruta 5 before forking left onto the A-665 which will take you towards La Tirana.