International Film Festival
Santiago • Chile

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Santiago International Film Festival (SANFIC)
The Santiago film festival brings international film entries to the cities cinemas showcasing screenings and talks from local and national talent as well as from players from around the globe.

There are several competitions such as the Chilean Cinema Competition, International Film Competition and a Local Talent competition that opens the film festival up to a wide range of participants.

Special guests feature throughout the festival that have in the past included prestigious actors, screen writers and film makers such as Amos Gitai, Dulce Maria and Willem Dafoe.

There are also exhibitions and lectures taking place on just about all topics related to the film industry.

Date of Festival
The film festival takes place annually in August.

The city of Santiago is located within the Santiago Metropolitan Region which hosts this popular event.

Travel Guide
Santiago has a very good transport network both within the city with taxis, busses, collectivos and the metro, as well as with links further afield thanks to the main Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport.