National Rodeo Championships
Rancagua • Chile

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National Rodeo Championships
The rodeo championships are a great display of the traditions and culture of horse riding skills used throughout much of Chile and which are still very much in use today.

The rodeo takes place at the circular La Medialuna stadium which seats around 12,000 and is the site where vast numbers of spectators crowd around to watch the Chilean huasos riding their trusted and beautiful Criollo mounts in various competitions. The riders are dressed in their colourful ponchos and the horses are of course also well presented as they compete in teams or as individuals.

Surrounding the stadium their are rural crafts and traditional clothing stalls, plenty of Chilean food and beverages and lively entertaining music and dancing as well.

Rodeo Date
The rodeo takes place annually during the month of April.

The event is held at the the Medialuna Stadium in Rancagua, Chile.

Travel Guide
Rancagua is approximately 100 kilometers south of Santiago and has several travel options: