New Years Eve

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Chile New Year Eve
New years eve is as with many countries a big celebration, where singing, dancing and firework displays often feature during the evenings entertainment.

The whole country celebrates with cities such as Santiago and Valparaiso particular favorites amongst visitors, who come to take advantage of the warm weather and colourful party atmosphere.

New years eve on Easter Island is also a unique experience where you can enjoy live music, dancing and a generally energetic atmosphere complete with a firework display and all whilst being surrounded by the famous Moai statues.

The city of Valparaiso is well known for its lively party atmosphere during this time and offers plenty of entertainment such as live bands which perform during the evening and onwards into the new year. The fireworks at Valparaiso are superb and the city is simply packed with crowds who come here to witness the splendid visual spectacle and join in the party.

Valparaiso is approximately 120 kilometers west of Santiago and has regular transport services going to and from the city which takes around two and half hours.

Travel Guide
Travel within Valparaiso is fairly straightforward with plenty of taxis, collectivos and busses to help you arrive at your chosen destination.