Iquique Carnival

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Iquique Carnival
A rich and colourful cultural festival which encompasses the entire city and involves vibrant music and dance displays from people of all ages.

The carnival includes processions of beautifully decorated floats that parade around the city and beaches in particular around the Playa Brava area. There is plenty of lively traditional Chilean music and dancing as well as decorations around just about every corner of the city.

The groups of professional dancers of Iquique are known as comparsas and they entertain the crowds with spectacular routines and elaborate costumes.

The choosing of a Carnival Queen is one of the most popular parts of the Carnival and is eagerly anticipated by all the female contestants.

The carnival is held in the city of Iquique in the Tarapaca Region of Northern Chile.

Carnival Date
The event takes place annually in February.

Travel Guide
Iquique is well connected to the rest of Chile by air and road: