Grape Harvest Festival
Curico • Chile

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Grape Harvest Festival
The Fiesta de la Vendimia is a religious and deeply cultural festival celebrates the grape harvest and arrival of the summer.

The first part of the festival is a religious ceremony, blessing the arrival of the first grape harvest. It is during the second part of the festival that the festival comes into its own with traditional singing and dancing and the eagerly awaited choosing of the Festival Queen.

One of the most lively and entertaining elements of the festival is the grape pulping competition, where teams compete against each other to press as much juice as possible within a set time, combined with plenty of encouragement from all around.

There is also no shortage of food and drink with several Chilean classics on the menu and drinks such as Pisco, Borgona which is a wine drink that is mixed with fruit and of course a healthy wine selection as well.

Festival Location
One of the best areas to enjoy the Grape Harvest Festival is within the city of Curico, which is in the very heart of Chile's wine making region in the Chilean Central Valley.

Grape Festival Date
This unique and annual festival takes place towards the end of March.

Travel Guide
Curico is around 200 kilometers south of Santiago and is easily accessible by plane, bus, coach and car: