Fiestas Patrias

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Fiestas Patrias
One of Chile's most important celebrations is the Fiestas Patrias which commemorates the forming of Chile's first Governing Body in 1810 which led on to Chile gaining its independence.

The whole country celebrates its rich culture during this time with parades, traditional music, dancing and plenty of wholesome cuisine. Many of the participants in the parades can be seen wearing colourful Chilean attire and in certain areas will parade riding on their beautiful Criollo horses as well.

The second day of the event features naval and military parades with perfectly executed displays of weaponry and immaculate uniforms. The parades often take place within the main city plaza.

One prominent feature of the Fiestas Patrias is that the Chilean flag can be found proudly positioned on display throughout the whole country, this is not only a custom but also required by law.

Celebrations occur throughout Chile but are particularly impressive in Santiago.

Date of Festival
The festivities last for two days on the 18th and 19th of September.