Fiesta de San Pedro

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Fiesta de San Pedro
This is a religious celebration that takes place each year in honour of Saint Peter the patron saint.

At midnight there is a mass held in the beautiful white Catholic church in San Pedro which is followed by a procession through the town carrying images of Saint Peter with the locals all dressed in vibrant traditional dress.

The whole town celebrates and really comes alive during the event and you'll be able to enjoy traditional music and lively dancing as well as plenty of local cuisine.

Date of Fiesta de San Pedro
This annual event takes place on 29th of June.

The town of San Pedro de Atacama is around 100 kilometers away from the city of Calama in the province of El Loa within the Antofagasta region of northern Chile.

Travel Guide
To reach San Pedro you will need to first travel to the city of Calama and then on to San Pedro. Calama has regular plane and coaches travelling to and from it from many areas of Chile.